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I love the new (at least new to me) option to have your own watchlist on IMDB. You know how people always recommend stuff that you then forget to watch? It happens to me all the time…but now I immediately put them on my watchlist and just scroll through it everytime I’m bored and feel like watching something…Been watching so many different types of movies lately that I thought maybe I start writing little reviews here… so here’s the first one:

Our idiot brother

Fun. Not too shallow not too complicated, just a nice little feel good movie. I sometimes am in a mood where I really want to watch a good romantic comedy which is always really frustrating since there are really few of them…but this film sort of felt like a romantic comedy just without the traditional romance set up. Still, the film is about unconditional love and has some really funny scenes in it. Just right for a rainy, unwelcoming day like today was…(oooh, and, I forgot, it’s with Paul Rudd - who I absolutely adore and love to see playing with elizabeth banks again (who I also love)

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