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Mccyp dislikes this

Ok, I realize that not using Social Media to actually socialize makes me an outsider who’s opinion doesn’t count at all. But still. I get really angry at this constant noncommunication that is the likesit click. If you have something to say, say it. If somebody else has something to say and you want to comment on it, do it. But what kind of comment is clicking a button which will let people know that you liked something? I’d even prefer a smiley. That’s a gesture you can make variations on. You can imagine somebodys smile and your mind tells you what that means. But imagine you’d be running around and people would constantly comment on the things you say, by telling you “I like this”. Not a laugh, not a headshake, nod or anything only that stupid sentence. This kind of makes sence in facebook, but tumblr seriously? Sure, you can reblog something and write a detailed comment if you wish to, but I like to read what people’s responces to a post are and if you want to do that, you have to scroll down the whole page of xlikesthises and maybe there isn’t even a reblog there…So. Yeah. I’m communicating to no one but a lot of you guys are communicating nothing. So we’re all even again. Can you tell I’m in a bad place right now? Sorry. Probably my problem is that today I could use a dislikesthis button for about everything but my bass. (I’m gonna make a little mccyp likes this sign on it! - and we’re back to smiling ;-)

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